9 Little-Known Ways to Pay Fewer Taxes


If you’d really like to maximise your tax return, but don’t even know where to start, keep reading. We share some top tips to ensure you get the best from your tax refunds.

How can I maximise my tax refund?

Would you believe us if we told you income taxes will be a bigger lifetime expense than a house or a college education? It’s true. If you don’t have taxes under control, the chances of you stabilising the rest of your income are very minimal. While most people take steps to reduce their tax expenditure through their tax returns, most people’s tax returns are far from optimised.

Do you mean cheating on your tax return?

No, of course not. While some people may get away with cheating on tax returns for a long period, eventually they come short. There are plenty of legitimate ways for you to ensure that you do not hand over unnecessary money to the government without you going as far as to try to cheat the system. It’s a case of knowledge- the revenue service is never going to tell you failed to claim a deduction, but there’s many perfectly legitimate deductions you can make to contribute to your tax refund.

What tips do you have for tax returns?

Start by looking at your car and optimising your tax return with regards to your mileage. For starters, you are entitled to claim business expenditure for any trips you make on your employer’s behalf which you are not reimbursed for. You can also deduct any travel expenses relating to charitable work you do. If you need to undertake further education and training for work purposes, those costs can also be claimed. It will have to be education required by your employer [or the law] and improve skills in your work environment. Any legitimate education courses, however, can be claimed on your tax return. See how ?

What else can I claim a tax refund on?

Do you maintain a home office used in your employment? You will also be able to deduct certain expenses for this cost. There are generally some guidelines to follow, however, which may very slightly depending on your area. However, mostly it is required that it is your primary office, you used it to meet customers, and the area is exclusive to that purpose. Remember, too, that you will get tax refunds back on retirement savings- so fund them to the full- and you can claim capital losses against capital gains too. You may also want to check with a finance professional about the following categories as the law can get difficult to follow, but gifting assets to your children is possible to help reduce your estate liabilities, and certain child care expenses can also be claimed on your tax return to help increase your tax refund.

Remember that many of these deductions should be filtered through a tax professional who is aggressive in getting you money back on your tax return. You may even be able to claim for tax refunds on previous years via previous year’s tax returns if you get a concerned professional willing to help.



I Traveled to Australia – Can I Get an Australian Tax Refund?

taxreturnco.com.au – Australia is a hotbed of tourism and individuals everywhere throughout the world come to appreciate the shorelines, the outback, and the coral reefs that Australia brings to the table. The other thing that Australia brings to the table is taxes. In the same way as other nations around the globe, Australia has a Value Added Tax (VAT) and, similar to a great deal of nations, this VAT can reach up to 17.5%!

A horrendous part to pay in case you’re simply going by Luckily, Australia has a Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) which takes into account guests to its beautiful nation to get some of that VAT back…provided they take after the correct steps. Fortunately, the strides are really simple for tax refund:

Verify you meet the prerequisites.

To assert an Australian tax refund as a visitor, you need to verify that you burn through $300 (or all the more, including tax) in a solitary store, 30 days prior to flight. You additionally need to verify you get a solitary tax receipt for every one of that merchandise. Your merchandise additionally should be of a certain sort (no sustenance, however wine checks). You can likewise utilize the merchandise (like cameras) before leaving the nation, which varies from a great deal of spots.moved here!

Wear or convey those products at the air terminal.

You must have the capacity to display any merchandise to custom authorities at the airplane terminal in the event that you need to get an Australian tax refund. This can be somewhat of an undeniable irritation, however in the event that you purchased a $1000 cowhide coat or a $600 jug of wine while going to, the cash back will be well justified, despite all the trouble.

Present the products for review as required.

On the off chance that you fit the bill for an Australian tax refund, traditions authorities will presumably need to take a gander at your merchandise. This examination can take a touch of time, so get ready for it. Additionally have everything prepared for them. Verify your merchandise arrives, your single tax receipt (or receipt) is close by, and that you likewise have your travel permit and worldwide ticket accessible. Every one of these types of distinguishing proof as fundamental to asserting your tax refund.continue reading this:http://mozo.com.au/blog/2015/10/monday-moneyvator-get-your-diy-tax-return-in-before-31-october/

Make your cases before you clear out. You can’t get your Australian tax refund on your products in the event that you fly out of the nation before you make it (however this is diverse for understudies you lived in Australia for duration of time). Claims for an Australian tax refund are accessible up to 30 minutes prior to your flight leaves, so that is a lot of time to round out that frame. Note that the refund sum is essentially the expense of the things separated by 11 for standard products and 14.5 for wine. So even before you abandon you can know the amount you will be getting back.


Sit tight for the Australian tax refund to show up.
Since you’ve done all the research material and examinations, you can sit tight for the tax refund to arrive. You will either get paid with check, credit to an Australian financial balance, or a MasterCard. It for the most part takes 15 days to show up. So, on the off chance that it has taken longer, contact Australian traditions authorities.

The Tourist Refund Scheme is an amazingly simple procedure in the event that you run in with some information and arrangement a bit. So when you’re going by Australia next, don’t be reluctant to spend too much on some extravagance things – all things considered, will be getting a tax refund!